How can I add/remove entries in the `Open With` right click context menu?

I can’t find a setting anywhere to add/remove a program to the right-click context menu under “Open With”.


File Associations in System Settings:


Is there a way to do it for all text type files, regardless of extension?

To copy your setting to all or specific mime types:

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I don’t seem to have that option. And I assume it would replace/overwrite that extensions settings, instead of merge them. Is there any other way maybe?

Maybe you are still running Plasma 5? This is present for me on Plasma 6.

Afaik this just replaces the current setting with everything selected.

Probably. Can you tell me exactly what you want to achieve? Maybe I, or someone else can find a solution. Which program are you trying to add or remove from where?

Yes. I am still on KDE 5. I just moved to Kubuntu. I was told KDE 6 is still too buggy for a daily driver – so I’m waiting to upgrade to 6.

I want to make it so I can also open any text file with VS Code. I want the default app to be whatever it is, but I want VS Code to show up in the context menu under “Open With” for any/all text files.

But if a specific text file extension (e.g. *.csv) also has another app, like LibreOffice Calc, then I want that option to stay.

So I want to add Open With VSCode to all text files but I don’t want to replace options that are already there.