How can I force Discover to show Flatpak results first?

I am using Debian 12 with KDE Plasma 5. In Discover I can install software both using apt and flatpak. I want to set Discover to show flatpak results first, because Flathub has more programms and it’s results more relevant. By default Discover first shows apt search results. How can I change it?

discover - setting -set Flatpak as default source I would guess, … also I am not 100% sure ?

I already set Flathub by default. It is means that if I click on app at main page it will install it from flathub. But apt search results are above flatpak. I really need to fix this because they age absolutely awful.

I can not test it right away, because in RebornOs which I use right now,
only has Flatpak in Discover, and nothing else just Flatpak.
But I could set up Mint-Debian edition if it helps.
What Linux distro are you using?

just tested it on kubuntu and it does not work to reorder the sorting at all, only how it displays the source info.

when flatpak is the default, it still lists all the ubuntu softwares first with the deb icon to indicate the only available source is from ubunutu

when i finally get to a flatpak in the list it shows as blank where the source would be shown.

try sorting your discover feed by size… that will tend to put all the flatpaks first because they are freaking huge. :grin:

that is strange, did you reboot after installing flatpak ?

At the moment there is no way to do this.

not strange at all… discover is just telling me that the item is only found on the ubuntu repositories.

it does the same thing when i have ubuntu set as my default (as i normally do), shows the item with the flathub icon when that package is only available on flathub.

did you reboot after installing flatpak ?

not sure what you mean by this… discover shows me both installed and not installed packages from all three sources (ubuntu, snap and flathub) because i have installed the flathub backend for discover

this All Applications sorted by rating with flatpak set as the default source

this is All Applications sorted by rating with ubuntu set at the default source

this is All Applications sorted by SIZE

As I saif said, Debian 12.

Maybe I can set in config file?

What you’re asking for isn’t implemented, sorry.