How can I make Yakuake launch a TUI system monitor automatically?

I tend to use Yakuake to launch a program like btop or htop so I have a flyout system monitor whenever I want. Yakuake is already set up to autostart, but I want it to open a tab with btop every time I start Yakuake. How can I do this?

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You can create a new profile, set it as default for Yakuake, and change the profile’s start command to /usr/bin/htop for example.

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Great idea @rodrigopedra !

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Hm, this solution seems less than ideal. I can’t find a way to make a new session with anything other than btop.
Is there some way that I can make Yakuake start up with one session that runs btop and then a second session that is just an empty shell?

You can make a script that checks if btop is running, if it is not, launch it, if it is, launch /usr/bin/bash instead.

Something like this:

if pidof -q "/usr/bin/btop";

Save this script somewhere, I put mine in my ~/bin, and don’t forget to make it executable:

chmod u+x ~/bin/

Then, on your yakuake’s profile, make this script the start command.