How can the sound of speech be made fuller, more dominant and more significant?

What do you have to do to make the sound of speech more powerful, as if the voice comes from the off or the heaven?
In other words, from far away, dominant and powerful?
What effects are available in Kdenlive to achieve this?

In the meantime, I have found two useful effects that make the spoken word sound much more like something out of this world:
Rbberband Pitch Scale and C* Plate - Versatile plate reverb.


In addition, of course, as always, a compressor (SC4) and the equalizer (Triple band parametric with shelves).

But if any of you have any suggestions, I would be delighted.

I feel like this is not belonging into the brainstorming category.

But to help you out: I would use

  • compressor
  • reverb
  • pitch shifting
  • some aery background noises
  • equalizer

… and loook up tutorials for this effect in other applications. Knowledge should be transferable (excluding something in the lines of: hey this after effects plugin does that automagically for you)


Hello @betalars
which reverb and which pitch shifting do you use in Kdenlive?
And, which compressor and which equalizer?

Yes, I have also found almost all the effects you mention to be very useful.
The idea with “some aery background noises” is new to me - very interesting, I’ll see if I can find something suitable.

(this was general and not software specific advice, I have not used this tool, just have been on this forum to talk about kde)

Ok, I understood you.
Your tips confirm that I was looking for exactly the right tools. Thank you.