How could I reroute every "Konsole" opening intent to open a tab instead?

Dolpin, Kate, Kwrite, GIMP, Okular, XNViewMP, Firefox, …

These are apps that all open a new tab when the app is already running and you open a new file / location.

But Konsole, where tabs are just as well integrated, always opens windows.

This is pretty annoying, as it can create a pretty mess.

Do you know how I could reroute every “open in Konsole” intent to open a new tab instead?

I suppose some dbus stuff, but I am a totally noob here.

Interesting: konsole --new-tab opens a window instead of a tab!

I guess you could set it to run in a single process (settings>general) and then change the executable for konsole to konsole --new-tab and make sure the tab bar is always visible.
Futhermore, you can also start konsole with a couple of predefined tabs.
You’d need to create such a file in ~/.konsole ( if needed, create the folder) and it should look something like, for example:
workdir: /home/john;; title: Htop;; command:htop
workdir: /home/john;; title: Ranger;; command:ranger
workdir: /home/john;; title: Cava;; command:cava
You start it with “konsole --tabs-from-file /path/to/the/file”. It’ll always have a default tab, regardless how many predefined tabs you create in that file)

In that same folder you can also create a konsole.css in case you should like some fancy like highlighting the current tab and what not. You can enable that css in konsole ( settings>tabbar/splitters).

Something like ( starting konsole with a bunch of preloads and css):

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Please file a bug about this :slight_smile:

About launching new tabs instead of new windows, there is a open feature request for that 473907 – "Always open new tabs instead of new windows" feature

I tried to hack together a service menu in combination with a script that lets you choose the window you want to open the new tab in using qdbus (requires kdialog).

Only thing I couldn’t figure out was how to focus/raise the window where the tab is created.

Save in ~/.local/share/kio/servicemenus/openInKonsoleTab.desktop

[Desktop Entry]

[Desktop Action openKonsoleTabHere]
Exec=konsole-new-tab Default %f
Name=Open Konsole Tab Here
Comment=Opens a new Konsole tab at the current directory

[Desktop Action openKonsoleHere]
Exec=konsole --workdir %f
Name=Open Konsole Here
Comment=Opens a Konsole window at the current directory

Save in ~/.local/bin/konsole-new-tab

#!/usr/bin/env bash

# Default to "Default" profile and home dir (/home/USER/)

mapfile -t konsole_windows < <(qdbus "org.kde.konsole*")

echo "windows:" "$(printf "'%s' " "${konsole_windows[@]}")"


# Convert options to the desired format
for i in "${!konsole_windows[@]}"; do
    # window_name=$(qdbus "${konsole_windows[$i]}" /MainApplication org.qtproject.Qt.QGuiApplication.applicationDisplayName)
    window_title=$(qdbus "${konsole_windows[$i]}" /konsole/MainWindow_1 org.qtproject.Qt.QWidget.windowTitle)
    window_sessions_count=$(qdbus "${konsole_windows[$i]}" /Windows/1 org.kde.konsole.Window.sessionCount)
    formatted_options+=("$i" "Title: $window_title ($window_sessions_count open tabs)")
    ((i + 1))

# Show dialog to pick a window
selected_window=$(kdialog --title "New Konsole Tab" --menu "Select window to open $DIRECTORY in new tab:" "${formatted_options[@]}")

if [ $? -eq 0 ]; then
    # user clicked OK, open new tab in selected window
    qdbus "${konsole_windows[$selected_window]}" /Windows/1 org.kde.konsole.Window.newSession "$PROFILE" "$DIRECTORY"

Not exactly sure why this needs to be filed as a bug. New tab does what is needs to do. It opens a new tab next to an existing one.

Oh, my bad. I was testing plasma 6 before, reverted to kf5/qt5 and is working now. :man_facepalming: I didn’t build Konsole from source so probably that was the reason --new-tab wasn’t working for me.

konsole --new-tab opens a new window on KDE 5.27.8 so I think this is a bug, right?

No it’s not. It only opens a new window if the setting “run in a single window” ( process) isn’t ticked ( as mentioned). The orange one is the new tab in the same window.

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thanks that is true. Does this mean it actually uses the same process, or just the same window? Does using the same process have any drawbacks?

doing this solved it:

cp /usr/share/applications/org.kde.konsole.desktop ~/.local/share/applications/
sed -i 's/Exec=konsole/Exec=konsole --new-tab/g' ~/.local/share/applictions/org.kde.konsole.desktop &&\
echo "done"

Now Dolphin opens a new konsole tab too!

Programs launching with “Terminal=true” like fish or htop launch in a new window though. Will try to fix that somehow