How do I add timestamp?

For example, I recorded a video back in 2018.01.13 08:10:30, and the video’s length is 5mins. I want to add a timestamp to my video that starts from that creation time and then dynamically updates the time each second as I watch it in a format of:, until the end 08:15:30.

So like each second passes in the video, the timestamp is updated with the video’s flow, counting from the creation date itself.

I hope there’s a convenient way of doing this.

Sorry I’m new to kdenlive, but I haven’t found any relevant info within the Dynamic text’s manual

I think closest effect to your request is: Timer — Kdenlive Manual 24.05 documentation

Edit: sorry I undoed the solution tick, I just figured out its not the case I want :confused: It’s pretty close though. This timer only lets me to offset the time that is equal with the video’s length. This would be so cool, if it would let me to offset it to the correct time of video record.

I found an android app, that can do the trick, but I really want to do this with kdenlive instead, since its more professional, I believe there is some proper way doing it.

Log this as a [Feature Request] in I think a feature to add a time offset in the Dynamic Text effect has a lot of merit …

I think Dynamic Text — Kdenlive Manual 24.05 documentation is the better starting point, as this effect reads the data from the clip.