How do I change Dolphin text cursor color?

My Plasma color theme’s text cursor when renaming a file in Dolphin is too alike to the background color I’d set, so I need to change it. However, I cannot figure out where the color is when I change the settings of any color in System Settings>Appearance>Colors>that theme. If I change it to another theme, they have a different colored cursor, so I know it’s customizable like everything else, but I’ve tried changing every color it could possibly be to an obvious neon color so I could notice it and it is the one thing that never changes.
Please help me fix this.

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O0ps read the question wrong, sorry about that.

I’m trying to remember what setting in colours, it was years ago I had changed to the extent that the text cursor was almost invisible as to what I changed ? because I’d change only one or two check if OK, leave that setting then changed the next and this took all up a while (several morning just tinkering for an hour),
Hopefully someone can chime in with the setting change needed, I do know it is do-able.
Later today will look up my notes (pen and paper) from back then.