How do I disable middle mouse key pasting

Help please,
I seem unable to stop middle mouse key, pasting stuff every time I accidentally touch it.
How do I disable it, please?

Its in the System Settings. Just launch the System Settings application and in the first page, in the middle of the window there’s a big button labeled “More Behavior Settings…”

  • if you click it you get to a screen with a bunch more toggles, and in the center there’s the checkbox for “Middle Click: Pastes selected text”:

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Thank you.
That was the kind of things I was looking for, but…
maybe because mine is not the latest? (…Desktop: KDE Plasma 5.20.5 wm: kwin_x11 vt: 7 dm: SDDM…)
or maybe because it was customised by MX?
mine doesn’t look the same:

so… the search for mouse middle key continues for me…

The fact that you aren’t using the latest Plasma version may definitely be the reason you can’t find that configuration.

Plasma 5.20 is ancient and out of support. The only Plasma 5 version supported is 5.27 and I highly recommend you update to at least that.

I have another PC with the latest MX-23.3
This uses 5.27.5 KDE and still the middle click option is not an option available to set…

sounds like I am going to have to plead with MX guys or find another (terminal?) solution?

Are you on X11? I think the option to disable middle-click-paste is only on Wayland as on X11 it is a built-in feature (of the X11 server) that cannot be disabled.

It is indeed Wayland only - here is the bug report that also discusses X11 alternatives, such as resetting the clipboard selection constantly or remapping the mouse button (if you don’t want to use the middle mouse button at all, like to open links in new tab): 441668 – Please make middle-click pasting optional

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That may explain it …
This one is:

Display: x11 server: X.Org 1.20.14 compositor: kwin_x11 driver

how about changing to wayland?

for my sins I have nvidia gpu… (I understand this may be a problem)
plus it seems rather complicated (switching to Wayland) from brief look at forums

With a recent NVidia driver (at least 550} it shouldn’t be a problem (tough you need 555 and Plasma 6.1 to fix some issues).

Regarding how complicated it is - I’m not familiar with MX, and I heard that they tend to make things more complicated than necessary for some mistaken sense of “righteousness”, but even on Arch this should be as easy as installing some package.

This has worked perfectly for me in the end:

Case closed (and clearly nothing to do per se with KDE)

I wouldn’t disable it, as select+MMBpaste is much safer:

maybe so, but the question here is not “what is safer”
the question is “how do you prevent accidental and un-intended pasting when using mouse middle scroll/button”
It is solved as far as I am concerned, unless you have another/better solution?

There’s no better solution as you found it already, I’m just informing you and anyone else interested about the benefits of the select-paste method which does strictly copy text.

Unless you are offended that you 've learned something new judging from your offensive tone…

You heard wrong G. I can tell you that the mx I’m running on some partition is the best kde experience I’ve had so far in a good while. Zero issues. I wouldn’t even know what “they tend to make things more complicated” means. Some other distros on the other hand… Couldn’t care less that they have a “younger” kde edition. Anywho, the problem seems solved.