How do I migrate my KDE settings?

I like distro-hopping a lot and currently, I’m on Arch right now with KDE Plasma. I want to copy the looks and feels of my current machine to Debian. How would I do that? Is there an “Export” button I can click?

Have a look at konsave

Just copy the entire contents of your ~./config and ~/.local/share.


I just copy my /home/username folder to an external drive every day or so excluding the .cache folder.

rsync / grsync makes this really easy to do and leaves one with no excuses for not doing a regular backup of their data. :grinning:


That’s also a good way to do it. Although it copies more than just the KDE settings.
For most people copying the home folder, like you suggested, seems like a good option.

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If you are going to save the configs, you might as well grab all your data.

I also keep copies of things like /etc/fstab.example, /etc/group, my HUGE /etc/hosts and a few other things with the whole directory structure, so that I can just copy them over as root right at the beginning. Within a few minutes, all my stuff is there and I just have to install a few programs like thunderbird and brave-browser.

Exactly. I don’t really see the point of only saving settings for KDE software (and which KDE software? Only Plasma? Plasma and KDE apps? Why?). Why not just back up everything?


OK, makes sense… except two things:

a) sometimes things screw up because they change (values and/or location)
b) you don’t want to keep all those cache files, like the mozilla mess and such

Currently my hidden folders in home are 46GB :crazy_face:

If you use rsync / grsync it will do incremental copies, (check the Use Checksum box) so only changes will get written again. I use grsync and I just add in the [ --exclude .cache ] and I copy mine to a USB drive and it seems to get mounted to the same place each time, but you can always change it.