How do i restore Knote?

Hello everyone.
I would like to recover Knote notes from a backup, but I don’t know how to do it.
I’ve tried this without success:
akonadictl stop
Delete directory /home/ignace/.config/akonadi/
Copy .local/share/akonadi/ from backup to root of home directory.
akonadictl start

The computer with the Knote notes is down and I really need to recover these notes.
Does anyone have any idea how to do this?

Thank you in advance.

I’m curious about that as well. Not that it’s that important to me as such because I think there is no proper note taking tool available, especially since I lost a ton of important notes because I simply couldn’t find them anymore. They were…pfoof…gone. That was Knotes btw. Imo, when it comes down to note taking stuff in kde…well. Even Mint has a far better sticky notes thingie than what is available in KDE for that matter. Since I have an android phone I figured I might as well use a note tool which I can access from a cloud and any device. And for the more to-do-ish stuff I use the to-do widget which DOES store my files in, as far as the doc on this goes, the proper directory so I can retrieve them.

Here’s what I did. This is based on Ubuntu development build, but it should work regardless (knotes and akonadi haven’t changed much, or at all, in the last few years):


  • You have a new machine where knotes is running, and you have no notes there (or no notes of interest), and also nothing else interesting stored in akonadi (KDE PIM stuff).
  • You have a backup of your ~/.config and ~/.local that contains something like this:
... # other files under .config/akonadi/
... # other files that start with .config/akonadi
... # other files under .local/share/akonadi/

For the purpose of this exercise I’m assuming the backup is a tarball.


  1. Quit out of knotes
  2. Stop akonadi by running (in a terminal) akonadictl stop
  3. Restore your backup, for example tar -xvf akonadi-backup.tar.gz -C $HOME --wildcards '.config/akonadi*' '.local/share/akonadi'
  4. Run Knotes - it should start akonadi and migrate whatever configuration is needed.

Hello everyone and to you both.
Sorry to reply so late, but I didn’t get any notification.
In a month, I’ve had time to find a solution.
A “Notes” folder on the desktop.
Inside, a text file for each note and it’s great, no more headaches.
That’s 28 files!
guss77, I knew about your solution, but it never worked for me.
Thanks to both of you.