How Do I Reverse a Reconciliation

I inadvertently “Finished” an account reconciliation with an incorrect balance. I’d like to reverse that reconciliation so I can correct the error I made. How can I reverse the action.

Note: restoring from a previous backup is not possible as the error was made almost a month ago. Backups only go back ten occurrences. I know I’ve opened/closed the file more thank that since the error was made.

Simply rerunning the reconciliation for that date while using the correct balance should do the trick. Keep a backup of your data to be on the safe side in case something does not work as expected.

BTW: I would not call those files KMyMoney keeps as backups. If your disk dies they are gone too. A backup is on a different medium and a very good one should even be stored physically in a different location.

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My Balance Is Finally Fixed! Thanks’ Thomas.

It took several hours to resolve this issue. Turns out I had made two errors;

The First - When balancing a Credit Card account last month I inadvertently transposed two digits of the account balance. This, of course, caused an imbalance in the account.

The second - To correct the above, and without thinking it through, I changed a transaction from a charge to a payment. That amount of that entry happened to coincided with the amount of the transposition I made when entering the final balance.

Due to these two errors, balancing the account this month was a real S**t show. It took me several hours over several days to figure out what had happened. In the end I was able to correct the problem and put the account back on track.

I concur - but I didn’t know what else to call those files. I do keep regular backups. As a matter of fact, anytime the *.kmy file is changed, it’s backed up to my server, which also is backed up to a cloud account.

@ipwizard, thank you for your help in this regard.