How do I send a text from Windows?

I just installed KDE on Windows 11 and my Pixel 6a. How do I send a text? I cannot find anything in the docs I have found. Thanks.

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Kde connect is maybe the solution to " Enable communication between all your devices "

I think “installed KDE on Windows 11 and Pixel 6a” means “installed KDE connect…”

The KDE connect application has no feature to “send text to another device”. If you mean to send SMS from the desktop application to another person using your KDE connected phone’s SMS feature, then there should be an action for this in the KDE connect Windows app (I’m less familiar with the Windows version).

If you mean to have some kind of text (i.e. just a bunch of characters, not a message) on the desktop, or the phone, and then make that text available on the other device - then there are several ways: usually I use the “clipboard synchronization” feature, just turn it on and then copy on one device and paste on the other; another way, if it’s a large amount of text, it’s to put it in a file and then either “send file” to the other device, or use the other device’s KDE connect app to “browse file system” the original device and copy the file from there.