How do I set the rendering intent for my color profile?

I’m someone with a bad laptop screen colors-wise and I really do need a color profile in tact to make the best out of it. I was ecstatic to see that plasma 6 natively supports color profiles but, was distraught when it seemed like I can’t change the rendering intent of it (for further accuracy, which I need).
can this be changed or do I have to wait for an update?

KWin uses the relative colorimetric intent if the profile supports it, and perceptual if not. This is not configurable.

If not relative colorimetric, what rendering intent would you use?

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perceptual, I need it for my laptop which has a low srgb coverage

I see, so you do not want accuracy, pretty much the opposite.

Making things look nicer for displays with ‘modest’ color gamut coverage is something I intend to make happen at some point, I can’t make any promises for when I have time for it though


Aha, alright then. Thanks!

Perceptual render intent is never actually accurate as it scales the input color space to the output which by its nature generally makes the image not accurate at all. It makes it less perceptually different but if you care about accurate as possible thats already covered with relative.

if you want to work within the current implementation there are likely some shenanigans you could pull in Displaycal to generate a profile that fits your current needs but youre not gonna get accuracy.

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I see, Zamundaaa has already told me about this and, it seems like what I actually need from perceptual rendering is the ability to make my colors look better on a bad screen. Thanks!

i “think” you can set the profile rendering intent in Displaycal if you enable the advanced settings (dont quote me on that).

That might work for your use case but feel free to look into the rest of its settings.

EDIT: yes you can, its in the profiling tab, you would also need to enable black point compensation in the profile since BPC isnt supported yet and that will fix gamma in the profile.

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Thank you very much!