How do reviews in Discover work?

is what I refer to. They seem like a black box.

Specifically, I can rate them, and they appear to be the same across GNOME Software and Discover (from what I recall), which means that they’re stored somewhere centralized. However, they don’t appear to, correspond to which was my initial expectation.

I’ve managed to locate Revision - Unix & Linux Stack Exchange. However, it doesn’t elaborate much.

Some of the reasons that I ask are, as undermentioned:

This appears to demonstrate that its operations are beholden to a single person. A review service unable to handle spam is a very, very strange architectural decision.

All of this makes me wary to write and/or rate reviews, because without being able to trust that I can export my data (as Article 20 and Recital 68 of the EU GDPR - “Right to Data Portability” explains, whether legally applicable or not) and thus save it in the event that the service is disabled, I don’t want to potentially waste my time.

Perhaps this is worth asking about the specifics of the review backend at instead, although I am interested in how Discover interacts with it.