How do you move a clip from one track to another

How do you move a clip from one track to another in the timeline without changing its position in time?
Do you always have to put a guide at the beginning or at the end, which the clip then follows in the other track?

It would be even nicer if you could change the order of the tracks, that would allow a better overview in the project.

Agreed, and AFAIK there are already some posts about that out there as well as a feature request. But who knows when this will be implemented …

Dragging a clip or group of clips from one track to another works pretty well as Kdenlive keeps the original position as long as you don’t move the mouse sideways too much. Of course, this can happen and in particular if you have very many tracks.

So, besides your suggestion to create a marker or guide you can also put the playhead (or caret) at the beginning of the clip you want to move (use ALT+left or ALT+right to jump from clip edge to clip edge) and then drag the clip to where you want it. It snaps to the playhead while being moved, and the playhead is nicely visible across all the tracks. This method is faster and doesn’t leave markers or guides behind you do not need for anything else and have to delete.

Hope this helps …

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Yes, that helps. It is and remains a tinkering. But I get by. Yes, with the playhaed it is even easier, have probably done it sometimes so, only forgotten again.

Where can you make the request that you can move the tracks? Shotcut has also introduced this feature only a few months ago. I think it is very useful.

Go to and create a new bug report and put [Feature Request] as a prefix into the Summary field

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Actually made it: