How does KDE hanlde the net.hadess.PowerProfiles service?

Hey guys, I am a bit new to this so I am sorry if I am presenting a problem out of misunderstanding.
I am using QT to develop an application to run on KDE and I need to get access to the power profiles.
Now, I can’t seem to understand how KDE handles that in general.
What service handles the net.hadess.PowerProfiles ?

QDBusMessage msg = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall("net.hadess.PowerProfiles",

Tho net.hadess.PowerProfiles has no .service file.
What am I missing here ?

The net.hadess.PowerProfiles DBus interface is provided by Bastien Nocera / power-profiles-daemon · GitLab

Thanks for the reply, I understand that mate but still I can’t find the service name corresponding to power-profile-daemon.

Solved! In case anyone is wondering how to access current profile or available profiles etc,

QDBusMessage msg = QDBusMessage::createMethodCall("org.kde.Solid.PowerManagement",