How does the Energy KCM acquire its energy percentage graph information?

My mouse provides

However, my headphones don’t appear to

(if you’re thinking of getting some of the same, they’re expensive, but awfully unreliable).

I’m thinking of getting some as a replacement, so would like to ask at Topics tagged fairbuds-xl whether they would provide the capability which that image demonstrates.

Consequently, considering that it’s already been implemented in that KCM, does anyone know specifically which capabilit(y/ies) I’m looking for, or whether it’s merely a matter of driver support?

It uses upower. The history data are stored in /var/lib/upower directory

if this is a bluetooth device, maybe the following might help

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@jsalatas, do you know what would decide whether a specific device has its history recorded? As the images aforeposted should demonstrate, I can see the battery percentage of my headphones. Those values are merely not recorded/exposed as a historic graph via the KCM.

I don’t see anything obviously relavant to this specifically in Check Bluetooth headphones battery status in Linux - Ask Ubuntu.

I have no idea! Sorry :frowning:

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