How KDE made IT classes for underprivileged youths possible in Providence

KDE has been working with the Capeverdean American Community Development (CACD) of Providence, Rhode Island, to provide IT lessons to underprivileged teens.

KDE provided the software that allowed to recover machines that had been obsoleted by the successive updates from Microsoft Windows, and this made possible for the CACD to carry out the program.

We provided support and advice so that the teens could familiarize themselves with open source software, saving them from being trapped in the proprietary cycle of buy new hardware, update, be forced to buy new hardware, update, rinse and repeat.

So we also managed to avoid having all those machines ending up in landfills, polluting the soil and waterways because providers of proprietary OSes only want you to buy new stuff and ignore the impact on the environment.

To make more things like this happen, to help those that the IT industry left behind or consider mere fodder for the data-grinding machine, to return control over technology to the common people, and protect the environment, we need your help.

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Note that the CACD is also a non-profit that relies on donations to run these programs. Please consider supporting them at: