How to access Kmymoney data saved as SQL file?

I am able to create a database backup of my kmymoney data with a “Save As->SQL” command, and open that file in kmymoney with all the data intact. I would like to access the SQL backup in read only mode with something like sqlite but can’t figure out how to decrypt and read the DBMS created by kmymoney.

Is the format of the file, or the method to open it in sqlite or other sql dbms software documented anywhere?

Any pointers appreciated.


Which version of KMyMoney are you using? Unless written out using a password, the SQL file should not be encrypted. I use sqlitebrowser to view KMyMoney databases without problems.

In case the DB file is encrypted (using sqlcipher), you may want to search the internet on how to open it with respect to your environment.

Hope those pointers get you started.

Thanks for the pointers. I am using KMM Version 5.1.3-fc8f557ef from kmymoney-5.1-348-linux-gcc-x86_64.AppImage . I would rather not work with an encrypted SQLite database but there does not seem to be any way to save it in SQL that is not encrypted, at least when only using the KMM application.

Turns out I was over complicating things. If I just “Save as->SQL” and leave out the sql password KMM creates an unencrypted SQLite file which is easily browsed with sqlitebrowser.

Glad you found out yourself.