How to access tooltips via touch device?

kwin rule descriptions are solely conveyed to the user via tooltips.

This is obviously an inferior design to a descriptive list (or ideally, a table). However, it exists. Because I own two tablets with Plasma 5 on them, I’d like to know how a user can invoke these tooltips using a touch device.

i thought press and hold was the general rule… does that not work?

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Thanks, @skyfishgoo. It does, although it also selects the option afterward, so it’s a rather poorly thought-through interaction method.

that would seem to defeat the point of a tool tip, which is to learn more about the button before clicking on it.

once in long-press realm, the user should have to release and then re-touch in order to activate the button… maybe it’s a timing thing, registering a 2nd touch too soon.

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@skyfishgoo, I’ve filed 479696 – Touch device invocation of tooltip on QML element invokes element..

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