How to avoid KDE Neon Update to Plama 6?

Please can anyone tell me what to do, if possible, to avoid Plasma 6 updates but keep receiving other updates?

I updated to Plasma 6 and a LOT of things don’t work well, much more so in X11…

Thanks to the trusty Timeshift I was able to go back to the point before the update.

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On Kde neon?
You don’t.

It’s in the stable repos now and halting the update on your “desktop packages”, well even if doable, probably not a good idea.

Be glad you have a method of reverting with btrfs.

What you can do is wait a few days and hopefully bugs you experience will get fixed and then you can run the update again.

Yes KDE Neon sorry, I forgot to mention it.

Well even going back with Timeshift I had problems because the update touched some user configurations, but I read there was some fixes released so I updated again, then went back again to 5.27 and thankfully, everything worked.

On the other hand, I just tried removing the Index of /user repo and it seems it worked, now I just have 10 updates related to other things.

In the state Plasma 6 seems to be, more than a few days, I think I’ll wait a few monts…

EDIT: I’m not using BTRFS with Timeshift but RSYNC

Just be aware that OTHER packages you now update might depend on plasma 6 stuff and break.

But now I have no repos referencing, just the official ubuntu repos, some ppa and custom ones.

Yes, I confirm the method, I use it regularly to avoid bugs arising with new versions.