How to capture that window has hung with Spectacle?


instead. I don’t want it to, because I don’t want to have to manually (badly) crop windows instead of directly capturing them.

is another example.

If you’re asking what I think you are asking you either select Active Window or Window Under Cursor. Active Window will take a screenshot of the window in focus, Window Under Cursor will display a cursor like a cross use it to select the window you want a screenshot of.

use Active Window and check the On Click box

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you can’t as that is a desktop effect (on top of the window).


@skyfishgoo and @Smokey, why would that change whether it captures the desktop effect? Seems unintuitive.

@rockandstone, that’s mighty inconvenient if true, although it contradicts aforementioned solutions. If, next time I can get it to hang, they don’t work, I’ll file a WISHLIST item for this, then.

The “window under cursor” captures the plain window from the window manager, the “rectangle” section takes basically a screenshot of your monitor that can include various other stuff being rendered in the back- foreground.

You don’t need to wait for something to hang, open the Calculator, then from the System Monitor send a STOP signal. Click then some numbers in the “frozen” Calculator and wait a little, you will see in the window title bar the “not responding” text and the Plasma effect will be applied.


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Unfortunately, @rockandstone, although the STOP method is incredibly useful, the solution doesn’t work — “Window under cursor” outputs


just as its counterpart does.

Are you able to provide a screen recording of this method working on your installation? I am surprised if there is such a significant difference between how spectacle operates on our installations:

I do indeed have the effect enabled:

It does seem a bit odd, I understand what you where asking now with the additional information. It would be good if it could capture the effect, seems like a good feature request as I would expect it to catch it too.

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I agree, @Smokey. I think I’ll also mention that there should be a checkbox of whether to capture desktop effects, since I can envision not capturing them to be useful in certain situations.

It would of course also help diagnosing this issue.

what solution, there’s no solution. The “rectangle” option captures everything including effects, any other method (because it’s strictly “talking” to the window manager) not. Simple as that.

Imho there are more important issues for Plasma and KDE than talking about being annoyed by having to crop a rectangle.

Paraphrased, @rockandstone states at How to capture that window has hung with Spectacle? - #10 by rockandstone that:

@rockandstone, cropping can’t provide what the other options do. Look at them — their shadow is rendered upon a transparent background. That makes them suitable for documentation. I would need to use an image editor like GIMP and spend some considerable time achieving that manually.

It may not be important but it would be nice to have at some point in the future

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