How to change forward & back keys

I’m sure there’s a lot of people trying to give KDE emacs keys, I’m not sure why there isn’t a built-in option (or downloadable scheme).

Anyway, I’ve been going through the shortcuts in system settings, changing everything to be emacsy. But one thing I can’t find is forward and back. Aka, what happens when you press left and right arrow. According to this:
there should be something called “left``” and “right”, but I can’t see it in settings. Naturally I want to set it to be C-f and C-b

do you mean the forward and back under shortcuts, common actions, navigation? or something else?

Forward and back in KDE parlance means something like browser forward and back. I’m talking about forward and back in emacs parlance which means next character and previous character, aka what happens when you press the left and right arrow keys. That’s the action I want to bind. Moving the cursor forward and back one character, but I can’t see a binding for it.

I think the left/right/up/down cursor movement keys are too “basic” for someone to think there’s going to be a need to rebind them.

It is probably very much internal to Qt and KDE developers would have a hard time offering that functionality - even if they thought to implement it. I’d imagine it will require creating event listeners for the arrow keys, that will simply call event->ignore() to cause Qt to ignore arrow keys and then they’d need to implement cursor navigation themselves.

It’ll probably be easier to create a custom KKB keyboard layout - though I don’t know how possible to have ctrl-keys emit keysyms in a keyboard layout.

Technically I don’t want to rebind them, I want to add an extra binding. Since things like delete word have a binding, I wouldn’t think it was “too basic”. But anyway, what is KKB, Google didn’t seem to reveal anything on that.

I meant to write XKB.

The documentation for it is here, but it’s pretty unintelligible. The Arch wiki documentation is better.

About the “basicness” of things, I would contend that cursor movement is more basic than any kind of editing.