How to configure kmail folders

Hi all,

kmail had developed a fatal error and is terminating.

“Could not create collection drafts, resourceID 14”

I managed to fix this by renaming the folder .config/akonadi to .config/(old)akonadi(old).

kmail starts without crashing now. But folders are a mess. I have several email accounts, each had their own root folder.

I am trying the reconstruct these folders but I don’t know how

If I choose Add Folder to the kmail’s folder list, it just randomly picks an existing subfolder and adds it in there. How do I stop it from doing that?

Kind regards

Do you mean local folders or, folders created within a given IMAP service?

  • If local folders then, initially they’ll always be created in –


When more than a few e-Mails are being stored locally then, the local folders are located in –


  • If folders located within an IMAP service provided by either your ISP or something else then –
    Any new folders are being created remotely at your ISP or, wherever …
    Local copies of IMAP and POP-3 e-Mail are held in the Akonadi database.

Thanks again for your reply.

The folders you mention (like ~/.local/share/local-mail/) don’t exist on my system, so that information is not helpful to me.

If I right click the folders pane in kmail I get an “Add Folder” option. It’s very random where it puts the folder.

It’s easier just to delete the account(s) and reinstall them. It’s just frustrating to redo all the settings. It would nice if could export/ archive them…

Kind regards