How to configure lock screen (kscreenlocker) to never hide unlock prompt?

I recently started using KDE on Debian 12. I use a plain color as my desktop wallpaper. Under Settings > Workspace Behavior > Screen Locking > Appearance, I’ve configured the lock screen wallpaper settings to match. I’ve also unchecked the clock and media control checkboxes as I don’t want either displayed.

I only ever lock the screen manually (I don’t use a screensaver, the device screen is configured for auto dim/poweroff). With the above settings, all I see is a plain solid color (expected, I guess, based on the chosen settings), until I move the mouse, when of course, the unlock prompt is displayed, and if no other action is taken, after ~10 seconds the unlock prompt dissapears and I’m back to the plain solid color (again, expected).

My inquiry is, how can I configure kscreenlocker to always show the unlock prompt, without having to move the mouse or hit a key? For my use case, this is the desired behavior.

I don’t think it is currently possible to always show the unlock prompt.
If it hasn’t been requested yet, you can make a wish on Bugzilla and a developer may make it a feature in the future.