How to connect via bluetooth using KDE Connect?

Hi. A few days ago, KDE 6 was released. According to the announcement (KDE MegaRelease 6, I cannot post links), now it is possible to connect via Bluetooth.

My current Wi-Fi network has device isolation, so I am eager to try out Bluetooth connection.

I have updated KDE Connect desktop & mobile to the latest version. Then I tried to connect them via my Wi-Fi hotspot, and it succeeded. Next, I switched to my current Wi-Fi network (with device isolation), enabled Bluetooth on both devices, and paired them together. However, I cannot see them in the device list. What should I do to connect via Bluetooth?

IIRC the bluetooth connection function is disabled due to some problem.

But you can do that manually. Always can, even before 6.0:

  1. Connect your phone and laptop via bluetooth.
  2. On your phone, enable “hotspot over bluetooth”.
  3. On your laptop, click on the wifi icon, and connect to the hotspot.
  4. Open kdeconnect on your phone. It should now connect to the laptop.

Thank you for the advice! However, it seems that Bluetooth tethering is not working as expected.

I enabled Bluetooth tethering on my phone (which acts similar to hotspot). Then I found that I can connect to both the public Wi-Fi and the Bluetooth tethering at the same time. However, my phone still didn’t appear in the device list. But if I disconnect from the public Wi-Fi and depend solely on tethering, KDE Connect could find and connect to my phone.

This is not convenient at all. If I want to connect to my phone, I have to use tethering to connect to the Internet, which is almost same with hotspot. I wish the Bluetooth connection function can be re-enabled one day.

Update: After establishing connection with my phone, if I connect to public Wi-Fi at the same time, the connection of KDE Connect would not break. However, if I turn off Bluetooth tethering, the connection would break.