How to copy local package link from Discover to clipboard?

When installing a local package via #Discover, installation frequently fails because interaction is necessary at the command-line (and #Discover, unlike drkonqi, doesn’t spawn a terminal as a backup when installing a package).

Consequently, when it fails

Internal error: Installation has been aborted as directed.

I want to do zypper install {package} in #Konsole, but I have to manually re-navigate to its path, because I can’t copy the path to the package to the clipboard:

  1. image

Is there no way to copy directly to the clipboard?

No. Feel free to submit a feature request for this at https://bugs/ I see we already have 468581 – Allow copying text for app's website and AppStream ID, but it’s not exactly the same thing. Should be relatively easy to fix. I’ll get on it once there’s a bug report.