How to create a virtual monitor/display?

I’m using KDE Wayland and would like to create a virtual monitor to use it while playing games streamed locally (Sunshine)

A common way of doing this in the Sunshine community is to buy a dummy hdmi or display port plugin, but, honestly, I’m using linux, I can’t believe that there isn’t a way to do this via software.

Does anyone knows of any way this can be accomplished?

Seems this is a thing in mutter: Headless native backend and virtual monitors (!1698) · Merge requests · GNOME / mutter · GitLab

Any way to do it in Plasma?

The tool in X would be xrandr. You could try to search for “xrandr wayland” (no warranty :slight_smile: ) for similar approaches.

You can create Virtual Monitors when Screen Sharing, as long as the screen sharing app utilizes the Portal for it. ( On Wayland, this is always the case )

I think they added this feature to KDEConnect too, but I have never tested it. ( Somthing along the lines of Screen Sharing )

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Like @Jack_White already commented, you can create one in the screen share portal.
Sunshine however doesn’t use it and instead relies on kmsgrab. kmsgrab comes with a bunch of problems, the most important one for you is that it can only record physical monitors.
So even if you could create a virtual monitor without the screen share portal, it wouldn’t be useful.

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