How to debug crashes caused by wacom graphics tablets?


I’m having issues using my wacom CTL-4100WL with kubuntu on wayland. During usage, it will occasionally cause my laptop to crash, sometimes after a few seconds, sometimes after several minutes. When crashed, all input freezes (trackpad, keyboard, tablet) but applications continue to work in the background, and the computer’s fans start spinning rapidly. I haven’t found any way of fixing it other than restarting the computer.

I suspect it’s crashing something in some sort of input system (libinput?), but I have no idea how to debug the problem further, so I know what to try or where to submit a bug report.

Does anyone know what logs I should be looking in, or have any other ideas for how I can try to debug this? I can continue to watch screen output once the crash happens, but I can no longer interact with anything until a restart.

Hi there,

a few suggestions:

  • try if you can access krunner. The default shortcuts for me are ALT+F2 or ALT+SPACE. Then you can try to run plasmashell --replace to restart plasma etc…
  • If it is crashing not not freezing maybe there is a coredump. Check with coredumpctl list if there is a coredump.
  • Try to switch to a virtual terminal after a crash happens. If yes that would make debugging much easier.
  • Look at your journald log.
  • Last but not least: ask at your distributions support forums/channels. They are usually bigger than this forum, therefore it is more likely you get answers.