How to decrease space between icons on panel?

I drugged & dropped icons from menu to panel and space between them is to wide. How can I decrease it? I don’t want to use icon only task manager. I just want to have them as shortcuts.


I believe it is possible by moving some configuration files from
and editing them but I don’t know how to.

If you are using Icons Only Task Manager the setting is in the Icons Only Task Manager Settings.

You have 3 Choices Small, Normal and Large.

any other Task Manager I have no idea.

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If that’s the default task application then you’re out of luck.

Currently there is no way to reduce the spacing between panel widgets, so your use of Icon launcher widgets is triggering that. quirk.

To work around this, you can pin apps to your Task manager (without having to use an Icons-Only Task manager). Pinned launchers on a Task Manager have much tighter spacing.

See also 390817 – Persistent user confusion regarding pinned apps vs panel launchers.