How to delete single sequence from project without clicking it

Hi everybody.

Only used kdenlive for a month and ran in to a weird problem.

I copied four clips from a sequence with ctrl+c and then created a new sequence. Accidentally I hit ctrl+v while in the box to name the sequence and it pasted all the data from those clips into the sequence name. After that the program crashed.

When I open the project now everything works, but when I click the wrongly named sequence everything crashes. So I can’t even click it to delete it.

The project is quite big and I have worked on it for two weeks with over 200 clips, so I don’t want to start over.

How can I delete the sequence with the name that makes the program crash without clicking it? I tried finding it in my computers folder system, but I can only find a project file and not the file for the specific sequence.

And yes, I know it is a really weird mistake to make and I should have been more careful when naming the sequence… I worked to fast because I was in a flow and rushing through.

I can provide screenshots, if I haven’t explained myself properly.

Kind regards
Tommy Kjærsgaard, Denmark

Hi @Tommy_Kjaersgaard, and welcome to the community.

Check the “<your_project_name>.kdenlive” project file for that weird name. It is a XML file and can be edited with the text editor of your choice. I recommend to create a backup file first before attempting to correct the sequence name.

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It worked! Phew!

If everyone ever makes the same mistake, the sequences of the project are named like this:

property name=“kdenlive:clipname”>XXX-name of sequence-XXX</property

They are the only ones called clipname, so ctrl+f finds them easily. I changed the name and now the whole project runs smoothly.

Thanks for your help.

No worries. Glad it worked! Could you please mark the post as “solved” so that others do not try to answer, and others with the same issue see there is a solution. Thanks!