How to disable microphone by default

I want to set it so my built-in microphone is off by default. How can I do that?

One reason is, obviously, privacy concerns.

Another reason is just so the microphone input does not potentially cause needless input to software that can use it.

Or do I need to file a “bug“ report for that?

I turned mine off in the bios. Camera and microphone. It was just simpler and I don’t have to worry about a software package turning it on without me knowing.

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I actually want/need to use both occasionally. Just not most of the time.

It’s only just as silly that the microphone is on by default as if the camera was.

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Same here. I did a lot of thinking before I turned it off completely. It was the only way I could guarantee it was off. I can always reboot and turn it on if needed. Security or convenience? I chose security. :grinning:

You could always file a bug report / feature request to ask for an option for it to default to off.

@hook what do you mean by default? After a reboot? I think it already remembers your last setting, so just mute your micro once and it should stay muted.

Or do I misunderstand you?

Does it? If it does that would be enough for my use case.

/me goes reboot to check

/me gets back from reboot

Odd, I left microphone muted and the speakers unmuted, but when I rebooted, all was muted. Is this how it’s supposed to work?

I dont think so. Brb rebooting.

€: It does work correctly for me. Headphones unmuted, microphone muted!

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It worked proper on this reboot too. Thanks :slight_smile:

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