How to disable popup menu when switching tab list (Ctrl+Tab) in Kate?

So that the switching is like in browsers.


Notepad++ has an option, but I can’t find a similar setting in Kate.


I don’t believe that feature is available, however you can file a wish on Bugzilla if it isn’t already there.
As an alternative, you can use the mouse wheel to scroll through open tabs without the pop-up.

You can navigate next/previous tabs using Ctrl+PgUp/Down (or anything else you configured at the keyboard shortcuts) This navigation doesn’t show any additional window

Yes, but I removed the hotkeys from «Settings» → «Configure Keyboard Shortcuts» → «tabswitcher» → «Last Used Views» and set «Ctrl+Tab» and «Ctrl+Shift+Tab» to «Kate» → «Next Tab» and «Previous Tab». But the only problem that remains is that when you press «Ctrl+Tab» on the last open tab, it does not jump to the first initial tab (you cannot press only «Ctrl+Tab» to switch to all tabs in a circle), you have to press «Ctrl+Shift+Tab» to return to previous tabs.