How to disable use of media keys from lock screen?

I can uncheck Media controls: Show under locking prompt, even though it is greyed out in color, but I can still press the pause/play button and skip buttons on a keyboard to control media.

Is there a GUI option to prevent all interfacing with the desktop when it is locked, including media controls via keyboard?

KDE Plasma 6 on Fedora 40 via KDE spin

No, and the ability to pause your media from the lock screen is an intentional convenience feature. :slight_smile:

+convenience -security

It’s a trade-off. What security relevant use cases can you think of where this would actually become an issue, though?

Well, other than the annoyance of companies/developers believing they know what I as a user wants/needs. I.e. forced updates. Forced “convenience” settings…convenient for whom? I respect the work of the developers, and that they are doing the work so be happy with what we get, right? That’s the logic? Kinda weird tho, as the *Nix user sphere tend to be more individualized (why so many distros?) and come from other spheres where “choices” are made for them and it pisses them off. unix is more configurable and you can do things like you want, right? Well except for when people take that stance…We know what we’re doing, just be happy as a user that we even let you use our software. Well than you.
but enough of that rant, as I’d be willing to duke that one out for a rather long time, and I bet it doesn’t go politely.

You want a relevant use case, since people need to justify their “convenience” for you… No…Don’t need to justify to you. What if I just don’t want someone to come to my lock screen and see “scarygranniespegchavs.mkv” so helpfully put there under the login? Or maybe don’t want a roommate pressing play and hearing moaning, the last youtube video I watched about car repair or a recording from a lesson, or outing me with gay/lez/bi/trans p-o-r-n (you really censor that? UGH) or a about being adopted/divorced, or info about how to live healthy with cancer that you didn’t want someone to click on and find out about. My privacy is my concern, thanks.

What is your relevant use case for there not even being an option to disable this “convenience”?

It’s not a trade off. It’s probably more likely just missing the ability to edit a config file for a preference…you know unlike every friggin other thing in the linux world?

that said, I love KDE. Installed tumbleweed just for 6. New to it from gnome, but very happy. I appreciate the effort in coding - something I can’t help with - and give a shout out to all programmers. However it’s a pretty big trigger point for me when there;s a question like this - that’s how I got here obvs - and the answer is “don’t worry your pretty little head about it. We know what you want. justify to me why you would want to do it any way other than MY/OUR way.”

You require 10 digit passwords to keep this safe on here, but screw my privacy with file names and play - right on the lock screen

EDIT Ok so using the way above where OP actually worked for me. This was the second result in google…For a second after realizing that OP worked I almost felt bad for ranting. Gave up on that. Developer who replied could have said Oh that should work, instead of demanding a use case for privacy and saying the fact that it wasn’t working was a deliberate choice.

not sure i’m seeing this problem clearly.

when the screen locks the audio keeps playing and the media keys still work (whether or not controls are enabled in the lock screen).

but if log off and go out to the sddm screen, then no media plays and the media buttons don’t work.

so if the concern is someone being able to resume your audio track while you are away from your desk, then simply log out rather than just locking the screen.

under energy saving settings you can also set for it hibernate (suspend to disk) after a period of sleep (don’t know how long this or if it can be changed).

that would also prevent anyone from having access to your media buttons after some period of time, i believe.