How to disable window shadows when desktop is invisible?

For example, in

I have the 1-pixel window border, so I don’t need the shadow. It’s rather annoying in this situation, especially when the larger window has the focus.

Unless a switch widget ( or something similar) has been created recently your only option is to use another plasma theme which has no shadow svg in it. Those are available. The shadow comes with the theme.

Ah, so it’s just not implemented (yet?), @dzon?

Not that I know of. The panel svg is in ~/.local/share/plasma/desktoptheme/themewhatever/widgets/. If you run such an svg in, say, inkscape, you’ll notice the shadow on it. Try , for example…um…breeze dark flat…something, plasma theme ( kde store) Or look for some ( preferably color scheme adaptive) shadowless plasma themes. Good luck. That kde store contains zillions, some with no shadows on panels only, no shadows on panels AAND menus …etc etc. Fairly sure that, in the end, you’ll make your own cause it’s always something that just is…off. I did. And I needed transparent, shadowless, no border and color adaptive. It ain’t perfect, but hey…

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Here are two quick examples. Both require a small rgb change in their color file ( which both have)
Breeze dark flat ( with border):

Breeze dark opaque ( borderless)

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So the plasmashell shadows are rendered as part of the theme resources rather than dynamically by the window manager (in my case, kwin), @dzon?! That explains the mysterious rationale mentioned at 476996 – Allow window border to render on plasmashell windows too.!

The screenshot you posted. That shadow on top? That one is caused by the plasma theme. It has nothing to do with the shadows overall, just the panel.

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