How to edit 360 video from 360 degree cameras

got a cheap LG 360 camera and i’m trying to edit video (i downloaded from the microsd of the camera).

Downloaded the new 22.04.2 standalone (windows) from kdenlive web site, but cannot find the vr360 transform effect they show in this video KDENLIVE Titles VR360 Transfrom Effect - YouTube

is it a 3rd party plug in?


All effects/filters are essentially third party as they are coming from avfilter or frei0r, and are part of the MLT framework. Kdenlive doesn’t have its own effects per se.

The installed version is looking for avfilter and frei0r packages and takes the installed filters; the appimage has them all “on board”. So if you use the latest appimage version 23.04.2 you’ll have the VR360 effects.

ok. found bigshot plugins here:

I extracted all and copied the lib and shotcut folder in the kdenlive-23.04.2_standalone.

restarted kdenlive and now i found the plugins to manage 360 equirectangular.


PS: i suppose the original repository could be this:

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anyone know how to do the same with a Mac install? I know it would likely involve copying the same bits into the kdenlive “Package Contents” directory, but so far I haven’t had any luck with doing so. it doesn’t appear to exactly map to the unix dir structure. :frowning: