How to edit the "actual" Dolphin/Plasma context menu?

With a lot of reading on Creating Dolphin Service Menus | Developer , I have managed to make my own .desktop “service menu”.

However, this is hidden away underneath the sub-menu “Actions”, and bundled together with a bunch of unwanted default ones. To make it clear, I’m talking about the context menu which appears if you right-click any file on the Plasma desktop or in Dolphin.


  1. How do I make my “Service Menu” go into the “main” context menu instead of under the “Actions” sub-menu?
  2. How do I remove unwanted other “sub-groups” (or items) in the context menu, such as the “Share” one which I know for sure that I will never, ever use?

(When searching for this online, I got a couple of interesting search results, but they fail to load for me.)

Ah! Nice! I’ve become so used to settings/preferences being almost entirely useless from using modern Windows and to a certain extent XFCE (although it has a few pros) that I sort of mentally assume that things won’t exist in the GUI settings. But they surprisingly often do “in KDE”.

Well done, glad it helped you.

When you have at most 3 actions, the actions in the “Actions” submenu are merged into the main one.

Or you can try adding “X-KDE-Priority=TopLevel” as mentionned in documentation.

In the settings of course :wink:

In “Context Menu” tab, uncheck the ones you don’t want and apply.