๐Ÿ”‘ How to enforce a password policy?

Do you know any way to enforce a particular password length when creating users through System Settings? :open_mouth:

That is going to be Distro specific.

Neither Arch nor Tumbleweed uses a minimum password length for me if I change it with Systemsettings. Only using passwd from the terminal seems to enforce that for me. Are you sure Systemsettings is even capable of that?

Also something is really weird with user creation. โ€œ2โ€ is now a valid sudo password for me even though i have deleted the user and recreated it.
Also I only tried to create a standard user not an administrator.

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Digging for the settings on Tumbleweed / Plasma, I could not find the setting anywhere in System Settings. I had to go into YAST to get to it. Thatโ€™s why I said it was Distro specific. Each Distro is going to handle this in their own way. I would create my users in YAST only for this reason.

Being something as critical as user creation and setting defaults for new users, I would say ALWAYS go with the Distro method. With all the different modes out there, can we really expect KDE to get all of this right? Say you are setting this up for a family member. Well, itโ€™s not critical. If you are admin setting up users at a business, then your job depends on it.

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YAST is a good tip. Never used it personally, but I heard it is really good and powerful.

I wonder if this just modifies the pam files like I initially tried with pam_pwquality
Security - ArchWiki
This only worked on the command line utility (passwd) for me, not systemsettings. Also not for root users.

After playing to much I accidentally removed ALL sudo/root permissions from my tumbleweed system so I cannot try anymore before I reinstall XD.
Still, I think there is something wrong with the useradd in systemsettings.
I will try to reproduce once I reinstall.

@Duha Can you not sudo at all right now?

Can you su - ?

What did you change? Can I copy and paste a fileโ€™s contents for you?

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I can neither sudo nor su :stuck_out_tongue:
But donโ€™t worry this is just my second system so I donโ€™t care.

I donโ€™t want to derail this topic (anymore) so I will either reinstall or create another thread for my issue. Thanks for your offer.
I am 99% sure there is something broken in KDE or Tumbleweed. I just need to figure out if this is a known issue.

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So I suggested this feature at: