How to force mouse middle click to paste from Klipper?

Is there any hack to force mouse middle click to paste latest item from Klipper (clipboard selection) and not the latest selected text (primary selection) ?

I lose the separateness , but I use the clipboard widget setting “Selection and Clipboard: Keep the selection and clipboard the same”.

I don’t want to use copy while selecting text, because I’m constantly selecting random texts on different opened apps, what I want is to use mouse middle click to paste the latest copied item (copied via ctrl+c or copy menu) from Klipper. Which means I want to force middle click to paste the copied item from clipboard selection instead of primary selection.

With selection and clipboard synchronized I can, and often do, copy via ctrl-c or copy on a menu, then paste with middle-click. It seems you want to keep them separate, because you select “random texts” with the mouse. I wonder what you are doing with those random selections if you aren’t copying them.

I suspect you need generalized input remapping, like Input Remapper, which I’ve never used.

It’s necessary to select parts of typed text in any word processing, text/MD editor, browser, svg editor… to apply basic (or complex) character or paragraph formatting and also set custom fonts and colors…

I don’t think what you want is possible, as the mouse text selection/middle click paste is a X11 thing and Klipper might not have a way to control that (in fact that functionality is/was missing from Wayland, which is a show stopper for many of us).

A lower level tool, or a X11 config might work but I’m not aware of anything of the sort.

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