How to get blurred windows on Plasma 6?

How to get blurred windows in Plasma 6? With Kvantum not being an option, is there another means to achieve the same effect? I also use Flatpak apps.

You don’t need kvantum really. I’ve used lightly for a long time and adapted some color schemes to get completely transparent and blurred windows. But I’m afraid that, along with a heap of other things, lightly will be no option. Unless it will be ported of course.

If this theme Alpha - KDE Store blurred properly, then it would be perfect.

You might be waiting for some time. I have been trying to port my Klassy window decoration (which has an optional blur effect in the included Application Style) to Plasma 6, and think I have found a bug in Plasma6 whereby if you specify a blur region in the Application Style then the region is not blurred at the correct position:

The author of Lightly has disappeared but others are trying to port it to Plasma 6
here: Add support for plasma 6 · Issue #13 · boehs/Lightly · GitHub

I see. Myeah, plasma 6…Fingers crossed I guess. Me personally I can’t use it for a ton of reasons. But um…that kvantum alpha theme, for example, didn’t require
kvantum at all. You could do that with lightly and some tweaks in the color scheme. I posted a few screenshots of entirely transparent themes in “share your desktop”, no kvantum required. As for breeze application style, I’m not even sure it supports transparency settings these days.
edit: I checked. Nah it doesn’t.