How to get Latte Dock working on Plasma 6?

I really like this dock.

Gives me this issue:

latte-dock: error while loading shared libraries: cannot open shared object file: No such file or directory

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By getting someone to port it to Qt6. :grin:


Unfortunately Latte is a dead project. Hopefully some of its best features will eventually make it into the current panel / dock system.

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Plasma Panel is still miles away from Latte Dock’s features, but it is slowly improving: it has made some big steps from Plasma 5 to Plasma 6 (and one or two steps back :smiley: ).
At least one can carefully think about using the Plasma Panel as a dock replacement now…
A main optical feature of a dock - the parabolic effect - will probably never be implemented, though.


Ugh… Pain in the ass. So, how can I get my docks to look like this again? As you can see, I have one dock on the top and bottom. Also, my two widgets (for CPU and clock) no longer work on the left and right side. On top of this, I can’t get an videos to work as a desktop background now.

I honestly think the only solution for you is to either use another distribution that ships with Plasma 5.27.x and the most recent Latte Dock version or to be patient for a while - I hope in time some of your modifications will also be possible in Plasma 6.x

Nah. I think if Latte is dead, just best to let it go. First Cairo-dock, now Latte Dock…

Is there a way to somewhat replicate what I had with Latte dock? Like, how about spacing out icons and removing the panel background?

This is what I have done so far:

Well, at least now i know that its moment to uninstall Latte, thanks and hope Plasma can have that kind of options soon in the panels.

In todays openSUSE Tumbleweed’s updates Latte Dock was automatically removed from my system - I think they are preparing for Plasma 6:laughing:

@dreaperxz : Sorry, you will probably have to find out for yourself or e.g. keep an eye on future YouTube videos where they show how to “rice” Plasma 6

@schwarzerkater This is the best I think I can get it for now. It will just have to do. Though, it would be great if I could get video wallpapers back.

Looks promising! :+1:

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There currently is someone working on picking Latte Dock back up again and porting it to 6.
See here: Plasma 6 port (#134) · Issues · Plasma / Latte Dock · GitLab

If I had the skills to help, I’d be more than willing to jump in and help, but unfortunately my dev skills are on the web side of things.

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I’ve already moved on. Now I am just using a couple of regular panels with these two Plasma Applets: Panel Transparency Toggle - KDE Store and Panel Spacer - KDE Store

So I can achieve this look:

It works.


Panel Colorizer is also a nice addition to modify things and can do more than the name might suggest.


Thanks. But I am done doing a major overhaul of my desktop. I’m riced out.