How to get public gdrive file?

Using kio-gdrive, I wanted to download a large file that is shared anonymous. The URLS I have do not contain an account.

which is downloaded via<id>&export=download
which then opens<id>&export=download&confirm=t&uuid=cf53b21a-1507-4454-afea-1b756f2fe927

kio-gdrive doesn’t seem to have any pattern for those, by looking at the tests: autotests/urltest.cpp · master · Network / KIO GDrive · GitLab

And evil google intentionally breaks download resume via the browser… is there another way to download this file with KIO resume/download helper infrastructure?

As a work around, I could create a google account and link (google call it “add”) the file to my newly created account’s drive.

But if I am doing all that, rclone seems to work more reliably then kio (but then it also require creating an access token, which google calls “service account”)