How to handle Bonds with only dollar amounts

The manual says to use an investment account for Stocks, Bonds, or Mutual Funds. The company Savings and Investment Plan (SIP) (like a 401K, but was created before 401Ks existed) statements only show the 2 Bonds with their dolar value for Beginning Balance, Money In/Out, Gain/Loss (market?), and Ending Balance. No Quantity (like shares of stock or mutual fund are shown).

How do I handle this in an investment account? Do I treat the bonds as Par $1 to derive a Quantity? Do I handle everything in the brokerage account, but then how are Unrealized Gains/Losses handled?

Any help would be appreciated. I am the executor of his estate and I am trying to track everything in KMyMoney.


I’m sorry for your loss. I can’t help technically, but my wife just passed, and I’m currently gathering information and waiting on physical mail, so this resonated with me. Best of luck, and my condolences.

(I hope a reply of this type is allowed; it is in the spirit of the Code of Conduct, if not quite on point).

SIP or 401K or IRA doesn’t really matter, as tax implications are dealt with by choosing appropriate categories for any payouts. Gain/loss reflects change in value.
You have basically two ways to do this. One, as you imply, is to value the bonds at $1 and then add/remove shares to reflect the current value. The other is to have a quantity of one bond and manually enter a price update for each statement to reflect the value at that time. For either, the basis for gains (realized or unrealized) is the cost of the initial buy.
Note I don’t think the second way would work well if there is actually any money in or out, since reflecting it as just a change in value doesn’t distinguish that from just a change in value.