How to have lock screen only appear on one monitor?

Hello, coming here after another forum was unable to help.

I currently have EndeavourOS installed with KDE as the desktop environment. I also have two monitors connected to my PC. Whenever I’m at either the login screen or the lock screen, the login prompt appears on both monitors. While I’ve found a workaround for the login screen (like when I log out or reboot my PC), there seems to be no solution online for the lock screen.

What i want is for the both the lock and the login screen to only appear on one monitor. Can anyone assist with this?

the lock screen fades after a few seconds and will only reappear on the monitor that has focus (under the cursor)

so leave you cursor on the monitor where you want to see the login appear and it will only show on that monitor.

would you care to share your workaround for the SDDM screen?

While your first statement is correct, it still shows the time on both screens, and I’m simply annoyed by it. I want the secondary monitor to either be only a wallpaper, or a black screen.

Here’s the workaround you wanted to see.

the SDDM screen shows the clock when you fully log out of your acct

using the screen lock function (META+L) does not show a clock when it fades out and you are using the distro provided screen lock, rather than SDDM (because you are still logged in)

from what i gather the workaround only affects the time before the OS is booted, and so when you only log off, instead of restart, then you come back to the SDDM screen but the underlying OS is still running so you don’t get to trigger the workaround script.

i suppose you could add the reverse of that xrandr command to a log out script to shut down the 2nd monitor, then when you log back in your profile should reenable it (?).

spitballing really, and i have no idea how to make that happen but that’s just my take on what you are fighting here.