How to increase the size of widgets on the bottom panel?

Increasing the height of the bottom panel does not increase the size of the widgets.

Are those icons added using the Grouping or Quick Launch widgets?

From here:

So you just added those two widgets to the panel? You didn’t put them inside a Grouping widget?

Do they do what you expect when you click on them?

Yes. I didn’t put it. They function, but I can’t increase their size.

How did you get those widgets? I can’t find them so I can’t try to reproduce.

Right-click on the desktop → Add Widgets… → Choose the trash plasmoid → Move it to the bottom panel.

That works here . . .

This only increases the size of the system tray icons. The trash widget is not included in the system tray.

Difficult to get screenshot and have edit panel up and running at the same time.
I added trashcan widget, adjusted the panel height and all the icons widgets moved resized to be on scale with the panel height
Panel height of 44 and my set of 66 and tried 100 they ALL readjusted to the panel size.
It stands to reason, the widgets would change size.
Anyway works here . . .