How to insert multiple characters shown on a single keyboard key in a particular keyboard layout?

I want to insert Marathi language (Devanagari script) text in Manjaro KDE using the Marathi (KaGaPa, phonetic) layout. I see that on some keys there are four characters. For example on the “A” key on a QWERTY layout corresponds to अ, ा, आ and ॲ. I can insert ा and आ by pressing “A” and “Shift+A” respectively. How do I enter the other characters? Using Alt, Ctrl and Fn does not work.

I am using 5.15.151-1-MANJARO (64-bit), on Plasma 6.0.1, X11.

Does your keyboard have an AltGr or right Alt key? The third level would be input with AltGr+key and the fourth level with AltGr+Shift+key.

In the layout preview, the key used to access the third and fourth levels is labeled as ISO Level3 Shift.

You can choose another key to access the third and fourth levels on the keyboard configuration under the Advanced tab on the “Key to choose the 3rd level” options.

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Thank you so much! I have a Alt key on the right, and it works using that. I was using the left key previously.