How to install AqBanking under windows 11?

I’m thinking about to change to KMM and have it installed on windows 11 without any problems. However, I’ve not yet found any guidelines how to install AqBanking, nor have I seen any exe files.
Can anybody help?
Thanks a lot.

I can’t answer your question directly, but are you sure you need it? I’d say yes if you are in Europe, otherwise it may not be necessary for you.

Yes, I’m in Europe and yes, I’m sure I need it unless there is another possibility to directly exchange data with the bank.

Have you actually looked? Specifically Download | KMyMoney, where the first bullet under Windows tells you. Depending on where you downloaded the installer, you might already have it. (Note I do not use Windows myself, but I am not aware of any issues.)

In fact, version kmymoney5-mingw64-5.1.3-3.1.12-setup.exe comes with menu entry Aqbanking. (Before I was trying with version kmymoney-5.1-3218-windows-cl-msvc2019-x86_64.exe.) Thank you!

I was able to set up communication with my bank, but I’m not able to set the account as online account and unfortunateley I don’t find relevant information, neither in english nor in german manual.

AqBanking (which is a an open source project on its own) uses autotools (automake, autoconf, …) as its build system. Unfortunately, this build system does not work with MSVC as compiler (I am just repeating what more knowledgeable people told me. I have no own experience). This is why AqBanking is not included in the MSVC based builds generated by the KDE CI/CD system only supports MSVC builds.

MinGW on the other hand is a more Unix like environment and supports using autotools. Hence, one will find AqBanking as part of those builds which are maintained by one of the developers.

AqBanking being a project on its own is also the reason that you don’t find any documentation in the KMyMoney manuals. AqBanking is simply used as a plugin and most dialogs and functions that are visible during configuration and transaction download are provided directly by AqBanking.

I found some details in the GnuCash documentation though:

The process of setting up an online access in AqBanking is described in the GnuCash wiki (German only). The KMyMoney Settings/AqBanking menu entry gets you to the dialog shown in step #3. The process until step #18 is the same for KMyMoney. Once done, you can map the account in KMyMoney using Account/Map account and select the account from the list provided. From there, simply use Account/Update account or in case you have more than one online account mapped Account/Update all accounts.