How to install compiled updates to working system?

Bit of a noob question, but after having successfully compiled ksystemstats from source with a with a fix to the code and tested in the dev session in Neon user, how would I then “install” that compiled update over to my working non-dev, systemwide regular session?

I suspect this is non-trivial as I imagine all the deps will need to be “installed” as well. I do not want to live in my devel session as I am concerned updates will get confused (though it is way cool that I am working in a session I compiled from source myself).


I simply copied the modified plugin from my build folder to the system install folder after renaming the existing one .bak in case it caused any problems. Voila. Works.

Just remember if you update your system xour changes might get lost.

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Indeed. I have planned for that. Hopefully the next update will fix the problem anyway.

I have noticed that my hand rolled version of plasma has fixed a couple of other minor (but niggly) issues that persist in my installed Neon User session, so I have decided to live in the dev session as it just works better.

That being said, I have had to preserve a few of my changes (like SDDM scripts) as updates like to break them, so I have simply added the “.so” to the list of things to restore after an update (if any sddm devs are listening - please do not replace scripts without asking as it completely breaks my desktop :wink: ).