How to install konsole 22.04 on Ubuntu 22.04

I see that konsole 22.04 is available in CentOstream9. I would like to install Konsole 22.04 on Ubuntu 22.04 which comes with Konsole 21.12.3. Is there a easy way to accomplish this?

Hi @gkamendje !

You’ll probably have more luck asking in a Kubuntu specific forum, but if Kubuntu doesn’t provde new packages you won’t be able to upgrade konsole.

You might try the Kubuntu backports PPA but I don’t know which versions of KDE software they ship.

Or, if you’re not too attached to the LTS version, you could upgrade to Kubuntu 23.04 and benefit from a lot of updated software, Plasma and konsole among them.

But keep in mind that while LTS versions like 22.04 get 3/5 years of support, the regular releases like 23.04 only have like 12 months (I don’t remember the exact number right now, sorry).
So you’ll have to upgrade to a newer Kubuntu version more frequently.

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@richarson thanks for the hint. I need a stable system. I will stick to Ubuntu 22.04 and wait for the next release.