How to install Plasma 6.0 on Arch (the today released test repository)

I hope I can get my answer here. How do I install Plasma 6.0 on my Arch system. Or rather what do I have to do that “sudo pacman -S plasma-desktop” installs the new plasma 6.0.0-1 which is a testing repository: Arch Linux - plasma-desktop 6.0.0-1 (x86_64)
Thx a lot for the help.

Personally I would wait til the 1st or 2nd point release to upgrade/install the new Plasma in any Linux distro.

well, I appreciate your tip.
But I wanna test and use it.

You need to enable the testing repos and then update

Wow. I just did that and got a size diff of -265MB. Very cool

(note that I previously had plasma 6 from the kde-unstable repo)